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Gungo Peas/ Gungo Bønner, 3*400gr

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Gungo Peas / Gungo Bønner, 3*400gr

Jamaican Ingredient: Gungo Peas

You may know them as pigeon peas, but in Jamaica they’re called Gungo Peas. This small, round legume is grown in a pod and has a delicious nutty flavor. They can be found in warmer climates such as the Caribbean, Africa, India, Asia and Latin America. Other names? Goongoo pea, gunga pea, congo pea, congo bean, no-eyed pea, gandule.

If you can’t find gungo peas/pigeon peas where you live, black-eyed peas are a good substitute.

They’re mainly used to make two traditional Jamaican recipes – Gungo Pea Soup and Gungo Peas and Rice – and are usually sold dried or canned. Just like kidney beans (which Jamaicans call red peas) gungo peas are cooked and treated like a bean. If using dry peas you’ll need to soak them before cooking with them. But the canned peas can be added directly to a recipe. Today you can even find gungo peas canned with coconut milk and ready to use to make these dishes.

Mængde pr. 100 g
Kalorier (kcal) 343
Fedt 1,5 g
Mættet fedt 0,3 g
Flerumættede fedtsyrer 0,8 g
Enkeltumættede fedtsyrer 0 g
Kolesterol 0 mg
Natrium 17 mg
Kalium 1.392 mg
Kulhydrat 63 g
Kostfibre 15 g
Protein 22 g
Vitamin A 28 IU C-vitamin 0 mg
Calcium 130 mg Jern 5,2 mg
Vitamin D 0 IU Vitamin B6 0,3 mg
Vtamin B12 0 µg Magnesium 183 mg

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